SSB tackles the logistics of overseas sourcing. Selecting the right factory, quality inspections, financing, insurance, shipping, customs clearance and delivery. Our customers pay nothing until the product is received in their warehouse, inspected and approved.


For over 20 years we've utilized our professional  talents and knowledge of trade customs to help our clients boost profits and reduce costs. By realizing significant manufacturing savings while maintaining, and sometimes improving, delivery expectations, SSB delivers on the logistics so you can focus on growing your business.


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Global Solutions

We strive to keep production domestic, but Made in USA doesn't fit every business model. If cost is a key driver in your business decisions, an import sourced solution might be the best option. In these situations, we draw upon vast import experience and long-standing international relationships to accomplish your goals.


SSB is a contract manufacturer, value-added manufacturer and a complete product manufacturer, depending on our clients' need. Our largest concentration of product comes from mainland China, where we deal with many different factories and capabilities. Careful consideration goes into our factory selection to ensure we provide our clients with quality, price and timely production.

Quality Control

SSB Manufacturing builds its' reputation on high quality products and superior service. The quality of our product starts with the client’s input, our engineers, and management. Management and key personnel in every department are directly involved in quality control through each stage of production. Our office staff in both the U.S. and around the world inspect products in various stages of production to ensure that all standards are met. These quality control policies ensure that SSB produces the highest quality products for our clients.

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